Bruno Mars is not a “cultural appropriator” and here’s why:

Earlier today, a video surfaced of a member of the outlet “The Grapevine” claiming and stating that Bruno Mars was a cultural appropriator and to me that statement is false and here is why. But, before i mention that I do agree with some parts of the video. For instance, something that was said in the video was that a lot of people nowadays want music with black roots etc. but they don’t want it from a black source.

Bruno has stated CLEARLY where he has gotten his influences from. Every musician and rapper has been influenced by someone regardless. That is a indisputable fact. Bruno has never claimed a certain style of music as his own, he has always given credit to the people that have came before him. For someone to be a cultural appropriator they would have to be taking a culture of some sort and deeming it as there’s, in which Bruno has not done.

Cultural appropriation is a overused term and it is used always in the wrong context. To be a cultural appropriator you would have to take something from another culture and say “hey, this mine, or this is my culture’s” when it wasn’t originally there’s at all.

A MAJOR part of music is influence. Every rapper or artist in general has been influenced by SOMEBODY. Bruno has never claimed anything as his own and always has given his due respect.


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