PRhyme 2: Review

The long awaited sequel to the 2015 album, PRhyme, was released March 16th, 2018. With the first PRhyme was very good, had solid features and overall great production and I hoped Royce and Premier would deliver.

I was kind of right.

PRhyme 2 is very solid. But, it is definitely a step down from the first PRhyme. One of the first things I noticed on this album was how peculiar the production was, but not in a good way. Some of these instrumentals on here are just bizarre and don’t really mesh well with Royce’s rapping on the album. As great of a producer Premier is, some of these beats should not have even made the album. “Flirt” is a cringeworthy beat to be honest.

Second, Royce’s rapping on this album is a step-down from PRhyme as well. He doesn’t really seem as hungry as he did on this first album. The album is still solid, but it’s just seems that not as much effort was put in this time around.

BUT, there are definitely some good points on PRhyme 2. The songwriting and subject matter on each song is better than on the first album. For example, “Everyday Struggle” is probably one of the best songs I’ve heard this year because of how Royce speaks on the state of Hip-Hop and how we should not be discouraging the younger generation of rappers to a certain extent.

The features on this album are overall pretty good as well. Rapsody and KRIT really delivered. But, the best feature in my opinion was Roc Marciano’s, who is probably the best NY rapper right now. Coming off a run from Rosebudds Revenge 2, he gave us another solid verse.

Overall, even though PRhyme 2 was somewhat of a step down from the first one, I still throughly enjoy the album. I will be looking forward to the deluxe edition and also Royce’s solo LP coming soon.

Rating: 7.5

Favorite Songs: Made Men, Everyday Struggle, Respect My Gun


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