Why don’t we give the same energy towards Female MC’s in Hip-Hop in regards to competition

Friday, I was scrolling through twitter. Recently, some highly anticipated albums dropped, but the most popular out of all of those was Cardi B’s debut LP. The vast majority of twitter was enjoying her album, but a certain sectors of twitter weren’t so happy about it to be honest.

Cardi B is seen as one of the biggest artist currently, but she is also seen as a challenger to the biggest name in female HipHop, Nicki Minaj. Now personally, I don’t really care for Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s music, but this raises a question?

Why is it that when we put male rappers against each other it is seen as good competition and nothing more, but when we put female rappers against each other in terms of skill, popularity etc, it is seen as beef ? I feel as if it’s because of the lack of exposure for other female rappers. There’s Nicki Minaj, and then there’s Cardi B, and then there’s everyone else in the background in regards to female MC’s. I feel as if it’s due to lack of exposure. We have other great female rappers such as Rapsody, and Jean Grae as well. But, they don’t really see the spotlight either. I think it’s more about subject matter when we talk about that aspect.

When we as fans try to force a beef between two male rappers, we do it because we want to see them go at each other as rappers, but with women we just want to see them fight. It’s never in good spirit.

With male rappers, when we want them to beef, we want them to beef strictly because we want the best to come out of each rapper. For instance, the internet would like a beef between Big Sean and Kendrick due to the fact that we can only imagine what bars would be thrown during that.

In all honesty, I just think we need to have the same energy. Some things are not as deep as they seem. Putting rappers against each other isn’t beef, it boosts competition and brings out the best in MC’s. For instance, when Kendrick Lamar dropped Control in 2013, it wasn’t that he had beef with the rappers he name called, it was more about bringing the best out of his fellow MC’s and telling everyone in the rap game to step their game up.

Personally, I just feel as the people feel as female rappers are put against each other, but not in the way male rappers are. The mentality is “you either with this person or with the other” and you can’t be a fan of both, and I feel as if it’s because of the lack of mainstream female rappers, lack of exposure. Competition shouldn’t be seen as something that is bad, it should be seen as something good and brings the best out of all MC’s regardless if they are male or female. That’s what makes Hip-Hop great!!!!!!!!!


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