KOD First Impressions.

To be honest, I am not the biggest J.Cole fan in the world. I tend to criticize him a lot because I feel as if he’s not going in the right direction musically…..and when I heard he was releasing an album Friday and to be honest I was nervous…..

But, Cole impressed me.

After the let down that is known as 4YEO I was ready to give up on Cole, but he surprised me. The production he used on this album was so left field from what he has done in the past, and also I’m glad he experimented with different flows on this album. But, what drew me in the most was the cover art and also the subject matter of the album. It was so peculiar to what Cole usually does with his album covers it heightened my excitement for the album.

The album being overall about addiction was weird to me. I thought J.Cole was going to give me a TED talk or something. But, the delivery was not corny at all. Cole spoke on how we are addicted to certain things such as money, women, love and more and also in a non- corny way. For that, I applaud him.

The biggest way I can describe the album/ the most accurate is a These Days 2.0. The subject matter is around the same, yet it is executed way better than Ab – Soul did. Also, it’s not really much filler on KOD first listen. At all.

Finally, 1985. This is a track that hip-hop needed. I honestly didn’t expect this from Cole, but it is a definite conversation starter. Telling rappers to not be ignorant and not wave ride so you don’t end up Broke is a good message.

Off the first couple listens, this album is a solid 7.5 to 8.5. The only true major problem it has is that the first 4 tracks are decent compared to the rest of the album. That’s where it really picks up and meshes well together.


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