A$AP Rocky: Testing REVIEW

Last week the long wait for ASAP Rocky’s album, TESTING came to a close. Their were high expectations set for Rocky since his album, At Long Last A$AP was given huge praise amongst almost everyone. But, their have also been some worries as well. Lately, A$AP’s raps and sounds have been lackluster, and it has seemed he’s been biting off artist like Playboi Carti. It seems like he has lost his sound……. but with that being said let’s take a look at A$AP Rocky’s TESTING.

The GOOD: The good news about Testing is that the production on this album is really good. There’s a lot of variety in regards to the beats on this album.

The Bad: Although the production on this Rocky album is good, HE’S BARELY RAPPING ON ANY OF THESE. Rocky is known for his great flow on his music and how effortlessly he flows on tracks and on this album he completely “wet the bed” due to the lack of quality verses on the album. Another thing about the album that I did not like was how the majority of the features on the album are not used efficiently. For instance, Kodak Black’s feature on Calldrops made zero sense and you could barely hear him as well. The only two decent features on the album are Skepta’s and Frank Oceans’.

Also, this isn’t musically related to album. But, Rocky and his team handled the rollout for this album POORLY. This entire mystique factor him and his team were going wasn’t a good idea. And, by unfortunate luck, a beef between Pusha T and Drake reignited thus overshadowing him and his album.

The Verdict: Overall, this Rocky album is a straight dud and a dropoff from his last project. I understand Rocky is trying to experiment with new sounds, but you need to actually makes sure it sounds good first. I hope Rocky learns from his mistakes and drops a better project next time.

Rating: 5

Favorite Tracks: Praise Da Lord.


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