Jay Rock: Redemption Review

The wait for TDE’s first member next album has finally ended. After 3 years since 90059, Jay Rock has finally released his new album Redemption. The wait has been long, but understandable due to Jay Rock being in a terrible motorcycle accident in 2016. With that being said, let’s take a look at this LP.

The Good: Jay Rock’s gritty songs on this album are pretty good. Songs like ES Tales, Blood+-, showcase Rock’s strong suits when it comes to rapping. Also, the Tap Out is a good record and gives off that West Coast sound. Finally, overall I feel as if the album portrays the message of Redemption somewhat well. Also, the most striking thing about this album is how good the production is.

Sidenotes: Q SHOULD’VE BEEN ON ES TALES!!!! He would’ve been a perfect fit. Also, Sob x RBE would be a perfect compliment to Jay Rock and Jeremih on Tap Out as well. And finally, OSOM may be one of Jay Rock’s best songs and Cole killed his feature.

The Bad: First of all, there are some songs that shouldn’t have been on the album at all. King’s Dead, Win, and Knock It Off really mess up the flow of the album to be honest. They feel forced and don’t mess well with the others on the LP. Secondly, WoW Freestyle isn’t really a good song, and I feel as if Kendrick is out of place on that track. Isaiah Rashad would have been more of a better fit in my opinion.

Overall, this is a decent album in my opinion. There are some songs that shouldn’t have even made the album, and there are some tracks that are the best tracks Rock has made in his entire career. But, one thing about Rock is that I don’t think he has a “it” album yet. Every member of Black Hippy + Zay has a “great” album besides him. Ab has Control System, Kendrick has GKMC, Q has Blankface and Zay has Cilvia Demo. Jay Rock is not a bad artist, but he has much to work on in terms of music making. He just has trouble piecing it all together.

Overall Rating: 7

Favorite Songs: ES Tales, OSOM, Blood+-


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