Drake: Scorpion Review

On June 29th, Drake dropped his long awaited LP Scorpion. This album has been highly anticipated due to the fact that More Life left a lot of people wanting more. Also, due do Pusha T winning the beef between him and Drake. So, with that being said let’s take a look at Drake’s latest project Scorpion…..

The Good:

The production on this album is for sure one the better things on this LP. 40’s selection of samples is really good in my personal opinion. Also, their are a couple of gems on here like Sandra’s Rose (produced by DJ Premier). When listening to the album, you can clearly tell what the hits are such as Blue Tint, Nonstop and more. Drake makes that evident. Drake is definitely grateful to have 40 and Boi-1da in his camp considering pretty much every song at the top of Drake’s discography is produced by them.

What I will give Drake is that he rides to beat pretty well on most of the songs on the album. This doesn’t mean the songs are necessarily good, but, he at least uses a flow appropriate for said instrumental.

Sidenote: Blue Tint is a really solid record. Future should’ve actually had a verse on it.

If there is a song I truly do enjoy on the album, it’s Is There More. I like the occasional introspective tracks from Drake on each album. With Pusha T exposing Drake, it at least made him reveal more about his personal life, his son especially, rapping Drake is definitely the Drake I prefer the most. Overall, Side A is actually the better side of the album from production to the raps.

The Bad:

First, this album is way too long. Drake should’ve learned from the More Life backlash that 20+ tracks for the album is not a good idea at all. It leaves too much room for filler. Drake will NEVER make a quality album again unless he decides to stop having so many songs on his projects.

Second, on some of these songs Drake’s rapping is forced and there’s some serious flow stealing all over this album. For instance, on Mob Ties Drake sounds extremely similar to Young Thug. Also, on Nonstop, Drake’s rapping is just utterly terrible and completely wasted a good Tay Keith beat.

Drake’s raps on this album sound like he got in trouble at school and has to explain to his mom the reason why he got in trouble. The Pusha diss clearly did a lot of damage and honesty you can tell that Drake scrapped some of the original album and replaced some of the tracks. It’s just a lot of explaining on this album, but Drake’s raps are the best when he’s cocky.

The B Side of the album is really underwhelming. There are either some decent tracks, with the occasional gem, like Jaded, or everything is just really bad. Songs like Ratchet Happy Birthday, shouldn’t have even made the album. Drake strong suit in the past has been making solid R&B records and on this album I can’t really even point out 4 or 5 on the B- Side of the album. Also, even though OVO40’s production skills are solid. Don’t Matter to Me is a total mess.

Almost everything on the album that isn’t bad is just unbelievably average outside of some rapping tracks on Side A. The album is not moving at all. This is probably one of the most boring albums Drake’s put out in his entire career. As a person who does enjoy Drake’s music, this project is utterly whelming and I think Pusha T taking shots at Drake’s persona and crumbling it made Drake redo some of the album. He probably was going to rap cocky which is usually when his raps are best, but a lot of these raps on here sound watered down. Honestly, I don’t think Drake will drop a quality album ever again due to Meek and Pusha T destroying his credibility not as a popstar, but as a rapper.

My opinion on Drake in general definitely changed with this album. He’s for sure still can crank out good tracks, but as a overall good body of work, he hasn’t made one since IYRTITL. He has lost some of his confidence in his work. With More Life and Views, they may have been subpar but it felt as if Drake at least was proud of the body of work. With Scorpion, it doesn’t really feel that way. Of course, this isn’t the end of his career, but I think this shows that it may be time for Drake to take a break for a year two before coming back to music.

Rating: 5

Favorite Tracks: Sandra’s Rose, Is There More


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